Saturday, January 24, 2015

The secret by Rhonda Byrne The review

The Secret is a well known book written by Rhonda Byrne and told the world that there is a secret behind making your life. The moment you live is the result of the past thoughts that were like glimpses in your mind and this makes your future. People always thinks of the dark side or the negative side of the coin but never thought of the positive flip of it and this is why everyone in the world is facing hardships because they tend to attract the hardships by their thoughts, but if you see every religious leaders, scientists, inventors, the personality who changed the world's thinking always told the same thing to proceed with the thought in mind because they were knowing that thought would become things one day and would cherish you. The book told everyone educate people with the bright side of their thinking and this would make their lives easier.

The book features lots of persons who used the secret and made the best from it whether it comes for money ,career, love , health and life they have got everything. I tried to look the last section of the book and I got the contact details of those persons and this somewhat has made me think that this might be the legit effect that can cause on the human beings and overall I have got motivated after reading this book and started my work with a new spirit and ethusiasm, please try out this book and have patience and do not just read this book but use this book and get involved in this book.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Mathability : Awaken the Math Genius in Your Child - Shakuntala Devi a review

In this book the author Shakuntala Devi who is also known by the name Human Calculator has brought forward what people think about Mathematics. People actually feel that dealing with number is a big task to do and what they think they instill in the minds of their children as well and this brings disharmony about Mathematics in the society and therefore our country that is regarded the inventor of Mathematics is day by day forgetting the wonderful aspects of Mathematics.

In this book She told that how mathematics has started the very first time from India and got spread in all over the world and without it we can not even think of proving and strengthening our facts. Therefore mathematics is neccesary in our daily life and we should accept dealing with it is not like a scientific experiment.

She also told about some good tricks that we can use to make our calculation even faster , that might help us build good skills of calculating fastly and effiently.

She has covered this much stuff in the book, but the way of depicting her in every chapter is super awesome. She faced some situations and how she dealt with it she told about this to the readers.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

My new phone Redmi note : The best phone you won't regret buying it

I have bought a new phone of Chinese handset maker Xiaomi's Redmi note. After the good response of Mi3 and Redmi 1s, Xiaomi decided to lauch Redmi note and enter the phablet segment in India and in its first sale it got record sale as 50,000 handsets got grabbed in just 6 seconds. Xiaomi does not expect such a great response that it has got. The best thing every like about Xiaomi is the phone specifications at lower prices.

I have also got the Redmi note and I also got excited as I needed some great phone to manage my works on the go, and I found it to be a good choice. But still I have something to let your know, the shortcomings I pointed out in the device.

  • WhatsApp unable to read contact names from my mobile (resolved).

    • I was simply playing games on my new mobile and getting a glimpse of all the features inside it, Suddenly I got a notification for WhatsApp but what I saw was a bizzare, as WhatsApp was not showing the names rather it was showing only the numbers.

    • So I resolved it by going inside the Settings -> Apps -> Downloaded -> Choose WhatsApp. Now at below in Manage Permission just setup with these settings have a look.

  • I am unable to update the System ROM (unresolved).
    • I am trying to find a solution to this problem , so I went for answers on the mi forum for my question regarding the phone, but they also gave answers that we are having server problems and bla bla bla.

and when I hit Check for Updates it just checked for a while and came back with no response. 

  • I am unable to to perform any text-to-speech operation over it (unresolved).

Well you can still buy the phone as these bugs are solvable , buy from flipkart from here

Friday, December 5, 2014

Turn your Responsive web site into a phone app of your choice (iphone app, android app ...)

The following video below explains about the very nice tool made by Adobe that is Phonegap. You just need to sign up the Adobe site and there you can access various resources made by Adobe. You can use the same account for making your own phonegap applications. Just remember you need to make your website responsive using bootstrap, polymer or foundation UI, and upload your source code the source code hosting site (version control management considered to be one of the good practices) and you are good to go, have a look at my video and you will definitely be happy to see this awesome tool in action that could make your smartphone apps in seconds.

Monday, November 24, 2014

The good news is here, Redmi Note on sale from December 2nd,

Hello everyone I would like to let the people who are unaware with the information that the Redmi note will be on sale by 2nd December 2014. Redmi note is an amazing phone and everyone were expecting it to come even earlier but due to some logistics issues of the Redmi 1s and Mi3 the India unit of Mi phones decided to delay it and they said that Redmi note might be on sale by November end but now it is confirmed that Redmi note will be released on 2nd Decmeber.

Redmi note is a phablet and is expected competitor of the other phablets of Samsung and Micromax and company has lots of expectations from this phone. Hopefully the China phones with suspiction of having spywares in it that spys over the user data contained in the phone and mi servers access that sensitive data as told by our Indian intelligence is one more aspect that could never be overlooked. Let us see what it is gonna be in India. 
Register and Buy on flipkart

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Create your own Linux Operating System in Linux no coding required

Hello everyone after knowing that Linux is an Open source everyone usually try to explore how it is made and after knowing how it is made people try to make it on their own, but think about those who do not know coding but are enthusiasts and want to make their own Linux operating system.

They want to make their own Linux as they have some purpose and thus they would select the specific pre build modules in Linux. Here is a small video to make their wish come true. please have a look

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

How I increased performance (use Secondary memory for RAM) of my phone

Hello all readers , This post is for those who want to increase the performance of their Android Mobile devices. This would feature the steps that I applied to increase the performance of my Phone and hopefully this would also increase the performance of your phone.

Step 1. First Root your Android Device

Root: means to break the barrier of root user, we are mere client user who works in the restricted environment of our Android phone (build on Linux Kernel, those who know Linux knows very well of being a root user).

Step 2. After Rooting the device you will need the Application named "Swapper Configuration".

Swapper Configuration :

Basically It is using the concept of Operating System Memory management called Swapping. Swapping is the process of removing the currently running program from memory (called swap out) and bringing in another program in to the memory (swap in).

Now Specify the details of Swap File Position and Swap File Size and tap save. Now restart your device and see the difference, you will love it.